Former Google exec says he was pushed out for defending human rights

Former Google exec says he was pushed out for defending human rights

Google’s previous worldwide head of universal relations claims he was pushed out of the organization for attempting to secure free articulation and protection in China. In a letter shared today, Ross LaJeunesse says that, following 11 years of attempting to ensure human rights in China, he was told there was never again an occupation for him because of “rearrangement.” He says the organization has strayed from its “don’t be malicious” saying, and instead of play a lesser job, he’s leaving to run for a Senate seat in Maine.

LaJeunesse joined Google in 2008. In 2017, around the time Google was thinking about coming back to China with a blue-penciled internet searcher, named Project Dragonfly, LaJeunesse started campaigning to formalize Google’s standards supporting free articulation and security, The Washington Post reports.

Individuals like Kent Walker, Google’s central legal advisor and head of strategy, allegedly raised worries that a conventional responsibility to human rights could expand Google’s obligation. LaJeunesse proceeded with the work in any case, however he says senior administrators consistently thought of an approach to state no and that he was sidelined from discussions about whether to dispatch Project Dragonfly, which Google formally shut a year ago. He additionally asserts working environment culture didn’t bolster decent variety inside.

Google spokeswoman Jenn Kaiser said:

“We have an unwavering commitment to supporting human rights organizations and efforts. That commitment is unrelated to and unaffected by the reorganization of our policy team, which was widely reported and which impacted many members of the team. As part of this reorganization, Ross was offered a new position at the exact same level and compensation, which he declined to accept. We wish Ross all the best with his political ambitions.”

While LaJeunesse’s cases could be an entrepreneurial play for consideration as he gets ready to run for Senate in Maine, where he is testing Susan Collins, this isn’t the first occasion when we’ve heard that Google doesn’t bolster human rights or working environment assorted variety. The way that such contentions have become political feed for up-and-comers proposes this isn’t an issue that is leaving at any point in the near future.

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